Foal Watch is routinely mentioned as the "favorite class" of those who have experienced it at Cal Poly Pomona.  It offers students of all majors a chance to be involved in the care of a mare and her foaling.  What a great way to learn about horses!

Through Foal Watch, each pregnant mare is assigned to a group of student volunteers. Students learn how to care for the mares during both pregnancy and foaling. As the mare approaches her due date, the group monitors their mare and reports any changes or signs of foaling.

Participating in Foal Watch provides many students with their first opportunity to see a mare give birth. Being involved in the life of a foal from the time it takes its first breath is an exciting and rewarding experience. Students who wish to participate the Foal Watch program should be prepared for the responsibilities that come with the rewards. These responsibilities include:

  • Grooming and walking the assigned mare at least twice a week
  • Keeping daily log of activities and any changes that are observed in the mare
  • Weighing the mare once a week
  • Holding the mare while she has her feet trimmed
  • Helping with vaccinations
  • Increasing checks to twice a day during the last month of pregnancy, to check for signs of foaling
  • Preparing the foaling stall
  • Spending nights at the Horse Center waiting for mare to foal
  • Helping with foal handling and re-breeding after the mare has foaled

Foal Watch is offered spring semester. 

Interested students please email or call (909) 869-4988 for more information.