A Sunday Show favorite (pictured above as a unicorn in costume), CP Madison Avenue is being retained for the Kellogg herd.  She is tail female to *Incoronata, representing 9 generations of Kellogg breeding.  We are very excited to have a Black Daniels daughter to help produce the next generation of champions.


Black Daniels IXL Noble Express MHR Nobility *Elimar
Har Nahra
RY Fire Ghazi *El Ghazi
RL Rah Fire
Victoria Bay Huckleberry Bey++ Bay El Bey++
Veronica *Bask++
El Negma
CP Cosmopolitan Baske Afire Afire Bey V Huckleberry Bey++
Autumn Fire
Mac Baske Baskevich
AH Meditation
Dainty Danser Barbary+++ Bay El Bey++
First Danse Reign On
Misty Danser