This colt is extremely upright and forward moving. We think he is special and is the only colt in several years we have not gelded. Keep an eye out on this guy!  He has a bright future!


CSP Grand Caymon Mamage Zodiac Matador+ *Bask++
RO Fanciray
CF Fire Magic Ariston
Fourwinds Tempest
JJ Sioux Hope MC Sir Hope High Hopes++/
Sir Wms Csarina
M G Jabaska GG Jabask+/
Bru-bet Serabaska
CP Metropolitan Baske Afire Afire Bey V Huckleberry Bey++
Autumn Fire
Mac Baske Baskevich
AH Meditation
Dainty Danser Barbary+++ Bay El Bey++
First Danse Reign On
Misty Danser